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Tread with Care over Caravan Tyres


Tyres are the only part of your caravan which are in contact with the road surface. Safety in accelerating, braking and steering all rely on a relatively small contact area between rubber and tarmac. Tyres also play a key role in the suspension systems of caravans so it's vital that tyres are properly maintained and checked regularly to ensure safe and trouble free travelling.

When you consider that caravan tyres face extraordinary demands and that typically, over 90% of tyre related caravan insurance claims relate to blow outs, you can see why it's so important to give your tyres the care and attention they need.  

A blow out can cause even the most experienced of caravanners to lose control and this can have catastrophic consequences for your caravan as well as putting you, your passengers and other drivers at risk, particularly when it occurs on busy, high speed roads such as motorways.

At the Motorhome Repair Centre, we have a wide range of new caravan and motorhome tyres available for same day fitting, with the added benefit of rapid delivery (stock permitting) for special orders.  Our technicians are expertly trained and can even repair most punctures.

So, to keep you safe on the road, here's our top Caravan Tyres Tips..

- The original tyres for your caravan will have been determined by joint consultation between the caravan and tyre manufacturers.  Always seek advice from the manufacturers before making any changes in tyre size or type

- Check tyre pressures before every journey, when the tyres are still cold. Tyres that are incorrectly inflated are much more likely to suffer from a blow out. 

- Across an axle, tyres should be of the same specification, construction type, size, speed rate and load index

- Overloading tyres is extremely dangerous. Ensure loads are evenly spread and as low down as possible to maximise the stability and safety of the towing vehicle and caravan combined.  Keep the caravan operating weight below the specified maximum limit.

- Carry a spare wheel and tyre assembly which is compatible with your caravan. 

- Examine tyres regularly for signs of wear and tear. Check tread depth. Where a caravan is being left unused for an extended period, shield the tyres from damaging UV rays and jack up the vehicle to remove tyre load.

- Watch your speed.  In the UK, vehicles towing caravans are restricted to a maximum of 60 mph (96 km/h) on dual carriageways and motorways. The limit is 50 mph (80 km/h) on other roads unless indicated otherwise. Other countries may have different speed limits and regulations relating to towing and tyres. Check that you remain compliant when towing abroad.

- Look after your tyres and they'll look after you. Happy and safe travels!



David/Allan, apologies for the delay in sending this and the purpose is simply to thank you and your people, for the work they did on the MH. It is a pleasure bring the van in & the standard of work is what I am looking for. A very genuine and sincere thanks to you all.

Ian Law - Beith