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15% Off When Ordering A Full Set of Winter Tyres


15% Off When Ordering A Full Set of Winter Tyres

And so, with the dark nights already upon us and the temperatures tumbling down this spells the end of the season for tourers and weekend escapists up and down the country. But for those not put off by sub-zero temperatures and weather warnings there are a few things you should take note of before getting behind the wheel this winter. For those who will be using their van in the colder conditions here are a couple of things you should keep in mind about snow/winter tyres…



Winter tyres increase braking efficiency, control and acceleration in colder weather. The tread on the tyres is slightly different to that of a ‘summer’ tyre and therefor handles differently in poorer conditions. When travelling in poorer conditions it is essential that you get the maximum braking and handling performance from your motorhome and that will only come from fitting winter tyres. It could even save lives.



If you are travelling to Europe, perhaps on a skiing holiday, it is essential that you conform to that countries road laws; In some countries, Germany for instance winter tyres are compulsory and should your vehicle become stuck or is involved in an accident as a result of not having winter tyres, you may incur a fine and also not be permitted to continue your journey.



Winter tyres do not have to be replaced every year. Yes, winter tyres are a little more expensive however, you can have them removed and stored in a safe area ready for the next year (just check your tread depth before fitting). Typical guidelines suggest that winter tyres should be fitted for use in temperatures approximately 7° and under, temperatures above this will wear the tread quicker than on normal tyres.



If you are unsure on what winter tyres you require, please call us on 0141 773 1212 and we will help You will need to have your vehicle make and model, registration number and current tyre size handy so we can identify the correct winter replacement which is best for you.




We recently gave you a big test getting our satellite TV to work. We are now on Mull and it is working perfectly. Also we were talking about 3G mobile "hotspot" which is also working well, as you will realise from this email. Thank you for your excellent help with our problem and we have already recommended your business to other 'vanners. Now we'll get on wandering as the spirit moves!

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