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From repairs, servicing and MOTs to customisation and motorhome rentals, The Motorhome Repair Centre is Scotland’s No 1 choice for keeping you on the road in safety and comfort.


High quality servicing and repairs of your caravan or motorhome will pay off in the long run with greater reliability and performance and improved resale value.


Our friendly, experienced team are here to help so contact us now on 0141 773 1212 or email

Body Repairs - Ins. & Private

Body Repairs - Ins. & Private

Motorhome repairs can often include structural work and our team have many years of experience working with every make and model.


We deal with everything from minor repair work and simple scuffs through to the comprehensive restoration of structural damage.


At The Motorhome Repair Centre, all body repairs are handled efficiently and affordably. Our experts have over 30 years experience in the vehicle accident repair industry and have built a business with an unrivalled reputation for technical expertise and quality of service.


For non-fault insurance claims, we can work with your assessor at every stage and undertake motorhome repairs at zero cost to you. This leaves you free to start planning your next journey without worrying about micro-managing the insurance claim process.

Body Repairs - Ins. & Private
Habitation Checks

Habitation Checks

An annual motorhome habitation check is important for a number of reasons, including safety, performance and resale value. On new motorhomes, you’ll need to have the service done to keep the warranty valid. When you’re out of the warranty period, regular habitation checks will help your motorhome retain its resale value. Many buyers won’t take on a motorhome which doesn’t have a complete service history. Most importantly, the check inspects the habitable areas of your motorhome for safety and operational performance.


The Motorhome Repair Centre is an NCC (National Caravan Council) Approved Workshop and we follow their service checklist as well as specific manufacturer guidelines. The full NCC recommended series of tests for a habitation service is available to download here. It covers everything from the underbody and the bodywork to gas, electrics and the water system and takes in the region of 3 hours to complete.


Our service engineers use a range of specialist equipment to thoroughly check the living area of your motorhome and you will be provided with a Gas Safe installation certificate, electrical testing certificate and damp readings at the end.


Please note that a Habitation Service does not include servicing of the base vehicle and road legal requirements. We undertake all motorhome servicing and MOT work so ask us for a competitive quote.


Our Annual Habitation Service is competitively priced at £240 (inc VAT) and includes a Water Ingress Report.

Habitation Checks
Service & MOT

Service & MOT

Your motorhome represents a considerable investment so when it comes to the all-important servicing, MOTs and habitation checks, don’t leave anything to chance. At the Motorhome Repaire Centre, we offer a full range of Motorhome, Campervan and Caravan servicing, habitation inspections, damp tests, MOT and repairs including:


• MOT • Interim Service • Full Engine Service • Habitation Service • Mechanical repairs • Electrical repairs • Bodywork repairs • Customisations • Full Parts and Labour Warranty • All work done to British Standards PAS125 • Approved by The National Caravan Council, The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club.


Fitting in the annual checks may seem like an inconvenience, so why not make them part of your holiday itinerary? You can drop your vehicle off with us and have a day or two sightseeing in Glasgow while we make sure your motorhome is safe and serviced for the year ahead.


Christophe and Martine Boiron did just that! They travelled all the way from France in their Motorhome and we carried out the Annual Habitation Check and MOT while they enjoyed some shopping and sightseeing in Glasgow. When it was ready, they picked up their Motorhome and carried on their tour of Scotland – what a great idea!

Service & MOT
Dampness Checks

Dampness Checks

If it’s not detected and remedied in time, water ingress can become a very expensive repair. All motorhomes, regardless of model or age, can be susceptible to damp.


Manufacturers recommend that a damp check carried out at least once a year. This simple check can help prolong the life and serviceability of your motorhome whilst also helping to maintain a pleasant and comfortable holidaying environment.


The only way damp can be detected is by using a protimeter, the industry’s recognised tool for the job. This should be used by engineers who are trained and experienced in damp repairs.


It is important to always remain vigilant to signs of damp in between readings:


• Keep an eye out for signs of staining on the interior wallboards

• Run your finger along the interior wallboards and inside cupboards for signs of softness or pitting (small bumps).

• Check external rails and mouldings for dents and gaps.

• Check window seals and frames for signs of water penetration.

• Look to see if any internal screws are rusted.

Dampness Checks
Motorhome Rentals

Motorhome Rentals

The team at the Motorhome Rental Centre are Scotland's experts in motorhome and camping car rental, with over 30 years experience.


A holiday in a motorhome is a unique experience and great fun for all the family. No other holiday option offers quite the freedom and flexibility of a motorhome holiday – you can go anywhere in the country, whenever you please.


Choose from a range of 4, 5 and 6 berth fully equipped motorhomes, allowing you the chance to enjoy a holiday on four wheels. The whole of the UK is your oyster and the sheer convenience of travelling with your 'hotel' behind you is unrivalled.


Motorhome Rentals


Getting Ready for Winter: Some Handy Hints for Your Caravan or Motorhome


Winter is just around the corner, or depending on where you stay it is already here! If, like most people you aren’t packing off on a winter emigration we have collected a few hints and tips about how to look after your ‘van when its parked up during the winter. It is hugely important vehicles are ‘winterised’ through the colder months to avoid any unnecessary and sometimes very expensive damage being caused. Pipework, appliances and furniture are all venerable when lying up, unused for several weeks. Click for more info...


Winter Opening Hours


"Hello, darkness my old friend..." As we approach the end of the year and the dark nights roll in we would like to inform all of our customers that our opening hours are changing...slightly...



Thank you so much John for our replacement mirror this week. These guys are the best! Inexpensive, speedy, responsive, convenient. Cannot say how good the service has been. 5 stars!!

Sam Mottram - Nuneaton